Mission Statement

Ontario Health Clinics is guided at all times by the values of respect, dignity and compassion for every patient.

Our mission is to serve the people of our local communities through high quality healthcare services, individually designed to meet the varied needs of the population. We focus on being the best medical support team for each individual patient.

Company Overview

About Us

Ontario Health Clinics - Brantford is a health services company founded on the principle that there is a better way to deliver health care, using the existing resources of the provincial health care system. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality comprehensive healthcare to high volumes of patients using a service delivery model that is patient centred, multidisciplinary, technologically advanced, and economically sustainable.

The Ontario Health Clinics Difference

Our commitment to exceptional patient care is built upon a solid foundation that includes the following core elements:

  • A sophisticated model with a proven ability to optimize patient care using the guidelines and best practices established by governing medical bodies
  • An innovative managed care model that is designed to enhance patient care by optimizing use of clinical resources
  • A paperless and centralized administration that maximizes efficiencies across all operations
  • An advanced IT infrastructure that allows for information sharing, automated forms processing, and improved access to information at the point of care

At Ontario Health Clinics we're not just building medical clinics – we're creating a model for health care service delivery that simply works better!